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It’s autumn…getting cold….windy. There’s no point going outside now the summer’s over right? No you morons.

Now’s the perfect time to play THE HAPPENING! It’s a great game based on the massive hit blockbuster by M Night Shyamalan.

To play, you need the following:

1) A windy day and an open field or park
2) At least 4 friends: 1 to play Mark Walhberg’s character, 1 to play Zooey Deschannel’s character (you can both be the same sex in this game because there’s no hanky panky between them because they’re super tense throughout the film about something that I don’t remember. I think Zooey Deschannel had coffee with some other guy and Mark Walhburg is suspicious. This sub-plot goes on for 90+ minutes) and at least 2 other people to be ‘tree fodder.’

So, the rules:

– The trees are mad at you and trying to kill you
– You need to try and get from one end of the park to the other
– Everytime the wind blows you need to scream and run across the park
– Occassionally, the other people whom are not Mark Walhberg or Zooey Deschannel need to throw themselves on the ground elaborately and play dead. (The method actors amongst you might like to throw yourselves on to your keys).
– Repeat this frequently
– During a particular lull, the person playing Mark Walhberg needs to try and negotiate with the trees.
– During another lull, the person playing Zooey Deschannel needs to confess to Mark Walhberg that she had coffee with another man. The person playing Mark Walhberg needs to appear devasted.
– Continue to run amok across the park for another twenty or so minutes and then abrubtly stop without explanation, ala the film.

It’s a blast!

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